Services We Offer

All our services are free, so we will never require you to pay for an item and the store items are not available for monetary purchase either. 

We not only offer help in our specialized areas, but realize many clients we see have other needs, as well.  Here you find referrals to community resources for a wide range of needs. This resource list is continually changing, as agencies open and close; we try to maintain at least one referral in each category:

You have a support system here. The volunteers and staff at PCC Corner of Hope give you a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and the guidance you’re searching for.

Our Staff

Abbi Stumpf Negro

Executive Director

Linda Harris

Client Services Director

Tionie Bingaman

Nurse Manager

Tiffany Dietterich

Finance, Marketing, & Events Coordinator

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All services provided by Pregnancy Care Center of Shamokin are free and confidential.