Parenting Support

Parenting Support

Having trouble getting your baby to sleep in their own room? Maybe you have a toddler going through terrible twos? Or maybe you are interested in learning how to parent without shame or co-parent with an ex, we have you covered! With over 50 different parenting classes to choose from, including those geared specifically towards fathers, you will be sure to find classes that can help you on your parenting journey. 

By becoming a client and taking classes each week, you will not only build confidence in your parenting skills, but also earn Caring Coupons to use in our Earn While You Learn Store. Here you will be able to “purchase” items for you and your family with the coupons earned. The store is always well stocked and includes items such as diapers, wipes, baby clothing (sizes premie through 4T), maternity clothing, we often times have cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, baby formula and food, and will sometimes have bigger ticket items such as carseats, cribs, highchairs, etc.

You have a support system here. The volunteers and staff at PCC Corner of Hope give you a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, and the guidance you’re searching for.

Parenting Support FAQs

All our services are free, so we will never require you to pay for any items or services. We never sell any items in our store. The items are donated to us and earned by those participating in our classes.  

Great question! We have male mentors that will be happy to see male clients. We even have curriculum that is geared specifically to men to help them be the best father they can be. 

Yes! We do allow you to bring your children to your appointment. If the children are being too disruptive beyond normal child behavior, it is at the discretion of the Executive Director to allow your child to continue to come with you for your visits. 

PCC Corner of Hope follows HIPPA guidelines when it comes to your personal health information. 

You can give us a call at 570-648-5780

Email us at [email protected]

Visit us in person at 150 S Market Street Shamokin PA 17872

Need Help Now?

We would love to help and answer any questions regarding pregnancy, birth control, STDs, and abortion. Please feel free to reach out to us by our contact form, call 570-648-5780 or if in need of an immediate response, call or text 1-800-712-4357.

All appointments and services are free and confidential.

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All services provided by Pregnancy Care Center of Shamokin are free and confidential.