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Adoption FAQs

Please know that the laws which will apply to your adoption can vary based on several circumstances, including but not limited to, the state in which the baby is born, the state in which the baby will be placed, etc. A birth mother may not consent to an adoption until 72 hours after birth. A birth mother’s consent is typically irrevocable within 30 days after signing. The revocation period may extend to 60 days if they can prove fraud or duress. Return of a child is not automatic, but difficult for adoptive families to challenge.

A birth father my consent at any time after he learns of the pregnancy. There is a putative father registry within the state of PA that a single man can register with for the purpose of retaining parental rights for any child he may father.

PCC Corner of Hope does not handle adoption cases in house, but we will be here for emotional support and to give referrals to adoption agencies. If your teen is interested in coming in to find out more about the adoption option, please have them schedule an appointment. We want everyone to be able to make a confident decision and that starts with education on pregnancy options. 

We at PCC Corner of Hope follow HIPPA guidelines and will not share your personal health information unless it falls into one of the mandated reporting categories. 

Unfortunately since PCC Corner of Hope is not in the adoption business, we cannot help in this case. What we can offer is the contact information of the agencies we refer to that you may be in touch with them to get on a list if interested. We will NEVER connect you with a pregnant client of ours as an under the table type adoption, so please do not ask. 

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